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PhD student who studies political behavior, identity politics, and federalism. Makes a game every once in a while.

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    About Michael

    I’m a PhD student in the Government and Politics Department at University of Maryland - College Park. My research focuses primarily on aspects of federalism and the States, particularly how different levels of government interact with one another, and political behavior.

    In my spare time, I work on a roguelike called The Vampyre which is written in Python using the libtcod and pygame frameworks. The Vampyre will see its first public release sometime in 2017 and will be available for free. In the mean time, I occasionally post a blog about what I’m working on and author a series of tutorial videos about how to make a tiles-based roguelike in python.

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    Roguelike Tutorial

    This page lists all the episodes and accompanying posts for my roguelike tutorial series. This series is about how to design and build a roguelike from the ground up using Python, libtcod (doryen library), and Pygame. While I do cover python in the tutorials, it should not be seen as a complete replacement for a proper python tutorial because I am not the best python programmer. Instead, I focus on the game design and programming process, especially how to structure the game.

    The Episodes

    Part 01 - Introduction (video) (write-up)
    Part 02 - Introduction to Graphics (video) (write-up)
    Part 03 - Tiles and Maps (video)
    Part 04 - Moving the player (video)
    Part 05 - The Component System (video)
    Part 06 - Taking Turns (video)
    Part 07 - Attacking (video)
    Part 08 - Death (video)
    Part 09 - Encapsulation and Refactoring (video)
    Part 10 - Player Field-of-View (video)
    Part 11 - Displaying Text on the Main Window (video)
    Part 12 - In Game Message Console (video)
    Part 13 - The Game Object (video)
    Part 14 - Sprite Sheets (video)
    Part 15 - Idle Animations (video)
    Part 16 - The Assets Structure (video)
    Part 17 - The Item Component Class (video)
    Part 18 - Picking up and Dropping (video)

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