Roguelike Tutorial Series

Hello! Since you are here I assume you're at least a little interested in Roguelikes, and at least kind of interested in game programming. I hope you're able to follow along and I can help you understand some of the more confusing aspects of game programming, especially for roguelikes.
These tutorials won't turn you into a python or programming guru, but I hope you'll at least come out the other side with a pretty good understanding of the constituent parts involved in creating games of this type. Then when you go on to learn more effective and efficient programming techniques, you'll know the kind of systems you need to write to get the game you want.
The following table contains links to all of the tutorials available in the series. Text Tutorials are incoming, but completeing the tutorials in video format takes precedence since the game is being programmed along side of it. Text Tutorials will be begin in earnest once the main series is completed and filming slows down to one video a week.
Episode # Title
BONUS Accessing the Tutorial Repository
01 Introduction to the Series
02 Introduction to Graphics
03 Tiles and Maps
04 Moving the Player
05 The Component System
06 Taking Turns
07 Attacking
08 Death
09 Encapsulation and Refactoring
10 Player Field-of-View
11 Displaying Text on the Main Window
12 In-game Message Console
13 The Game Object
14 Sprite-sheets
15 Idle Animations
16 The Assets Structure
17 The Item Component Class
18 Picking up and Dropping Items
19 Introduction to Menus
20 Using the Menu
21 Using Items
22 Selecting a Tile
23 Lighting (part 1 of 2)
24 Lighting (part 2 of 2)
25 Fireball Spell
26 Confusion Spell
27 Confusion Spell
28 Procedural Generation with Items
29 Procedural Generation of Creatures
BONUS Depth and Draw Order
30 Map Generation
31 Populating the Map
32 Moving the Camera
33 Fixing Camera Issues

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