This page is about my website, www.azhain.com.

The Name

Azhain doesn’t have a special meaning, I just made up the word up back in highschool when choosing a username for an email address. I didn’t want something generic with a bunch of numbers appended to the end, so I made up a word.


Hugo is a static site generator written in Go (Golang). Templates and snippets are written in HTML/CSS/JS to define how a website is built which is compiled by Hugo.

The actual content can (and probably should be) written in a Markdown format, significantly ease the process of writing a webpage. This is great for creating smaller websites that don’t need to be updated too often, and the static site can be hosted just about anywhere.

This is ideal if you’d like to have a blog or personal website that you could host on github pages for free, since you won’t have to pay for a server. But you also don’t need to manually write every website whenever you want to make a change.


There are a host of themes available for free. This site is a heavily edited version of both the Sustain and Vitae themes by Nurlan Su.

I heavily edited the templates for both of these themes (as well as merged them together) to accommodate my personal tastes and add a couple of features I wanted.

At this time, I have not made my version of this theme available since that would require a good deal of work. Before I can do that I need to make sure there are no major bugs and make it easier to edit since I hard-coded too many of my customizations. I do plan on doing that and then releasing the code for people to use.