Octavian — Originally a fork of, a GUI library for monogame. Based on AUI, I intend to structure the library to make better use of C# language features like events while preserving the original style.
   Bloody Kansas — This is a game I have been thinking about making for 15+ years. Set in pre civil war Kansas, it is a vampire and cowboys themed roguelike. It uses completely procedurally generated graphics and I am exploring the possibility of procedurally generating the music and sound effects as well. Production on this project is on hold at the moment while I focus on Sprite Designer and Octavian, which Bloody Kansas relies on.
   Sprite Designer — Sprite Designer is a rewrite of Spritify in C#. It is not available yet, but I intend to release it for sale early in 2020. It uses Octavian to provide the GUI interface. While I have made some changes, the functionality will not differ that much from what is already in Spritify. The overall intent is to make an application that runs better, looks nicer, and is easier to distribute to multiple platforms.
   Spritify — Submission for Procjam 2018. Spritify is a procedural generation tool that lets the user design sprites that can vary wildly in shape and color. The designed sprites can then be exported to a format that can be used in a game, or anything else.
   Python Roguelike Tutorial — 43 part YouTube Series where I teach how to use python to make a simple roguelike game. The game features simple animations, smooth camera movements, sound effects, music, and more. Since the videos are aimed at complete beginners, I avoided the more complicated topics of proper application development like design patterns. Instead, I focus on the elements that make up a game.
   exploreR — R-package that simplifies some labor intensive processes involved in exploring and explaining data. This package is no longer maintained because now I use python almost exclusively and there are other R packages that completely overlap with exploreR's functionality.
   PieGoo — PieGoo is a simple program for making music playlists set to a training schedule. I made this simple program as a way to learn PyQT.
   Vampyre — I did not finish this game, but made the code open source for posterity. Small roguelike game based on Vampire the Masquerade.